why are my dog eyes red

There are and can be a number of reasons for your dog experiencing red eyes. Before getting all worried as to why are my dogs eyes red it is better to appropriately study the effects and symptoms of your dog before giving him any treatment. There are many reasons why a dog can experience red eyes. One of the main and frequently encountered reasons is conjunctivi
tis. Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye or red eye. It is very common in cats and dogs mostly dogs. It is an eye infection, which affects one eye mostly;in rare cases, it can spread to both the eyes. Conjunctivitis is also common in human beings, but not as much as it is seen in dogs. Dogs suffering from conjunctivitis have this itchy sensation of the eye tissue Conjunctiva. This tissue covers up the whole eye and as this is infected, it causes scratchy and irritation like inflammation in the eye. It can happen to the dog at any age or any stage. The reasons as described by the doctors are various so, it is considered that there is no one reason to the happening of conjunctivitis. Usually, it is considered just as a random eye infection.


why are my dogs eye red

Conjunctivitis usually looks like an ordinary eye infection. More or less, it shares the same or a few more symptoms. It starts with the redness of the eyes. They also seem watery. At the first stage, the eyes are pink and later they turn red. With the change of color, they seem puffier than normal eyes. Puffiness is connected to the itchiness. The more severe the infection gets it discharges a sticky substance, usually of white color. This discharge of the sticky substance from the eyes causes the eyelids to stick together and it gets difficult for the dog to open up the eyes properly. You might also notice slight pawing at his eyes. The eyes start to pain and itch a lot. Your dog might squint its eyes during the pain. It is one of the main symptoms, which will alert you towards conjunctivitis. As soon as you start experiencing these symptoms or any few of them, you will get the reason as to why are  my dog’s eyes red. Conjunctivitis is not a very serious issue, but it can turn deadly if handled in a wrong way. As it can lead to blindness of the eyes. Therefore, it is better to have it treated as soon as you can.


It is also important to know that conjunctivitis can be viral too. Such a type of conjunctivitis is much more of a concern as viral has the tendency to spread rapidly in the body and it is difficult to control it if it is left untreated. It can be caused by cold, sore throat or any other infection in the respiratory tract. However, viral conjunctivitis can be healed in a time span of 3 weeks if proper medication and care are given.


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