Signs of pregnancy in dogs that confirm its gestation

signs of pregnancy in dog

It can be difficult for a dog owner to tell if his/her dog is pregnant until she reaches her last weeks. Dog gestation can be really tricky. When the belly size increases then you know what actually is going on. The very genuine way of finding if she is pregnant or not is to take her to the vet. As you are not a dog expert thus you cannot really predict what her physical and behavioral changes are telling you. Signs of pregnancy in dogs might show early as well but that is a bit hard to find. Usually, dogs show the signs in the later weeks.

Here are a few signs you need to notice if you suspect anything:

Physical Changes

The very first sign you would start to notice or the earliest hints are the pink nipples of the dog. When the color of the nipples start to change you predict future babies. The nipples change their state from time to time. Either they will appear slightly swollen or prominent. This usually appears after two or three weeks of conception. In the fourth and fifth week the waist of the dog begins to broaden and tummy tucks outwards. The food supply of the dog should be increased in the third phase of the pregnancy not early. Keep noticing any changes around the belly and nipples and you would know immediately that the dog is pregnant.

Behavioral Changes

Signs of pregnancy in dogs

The behavioral changes in the dogs include drastic changes in diet and usual activities. Usually, pregnant dogs tend to stay quiet and lousy in the beginning. They lack physical activeness which can be a big time signal of pregnancy. She will start nesting in the later weeks and will want to eat bit by bit frequently. Don’t expect her to eat big meals at once. Signs of pregnancy in dogs start to show when you see unusual behavioral changes.

Get Diagnosis

Once you start noticing the above changes, it is the time you get her physically examined. Check for the heartbeats and even get pregnancy blood tests. The blood tests are only useful when conducted on the 28th day after conception. If the test is conducted earlier then the results might come in negative. When you will take her to the vet all these tests will definitely be conducted to diagnose her pregnancy. A necessary ultrasound will also be conducted to figure out the real deal. The ultrasound can be done without sedation. The fur is clipped so that a good contact is maintained with the skin for an ultrasound. Watch out any signs of illness during the gestation phase. Mood changes will occur so complete care of the dog is recommended.


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