Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been designed for the convenience of our readers. We provide the authentic content related to the information about the pets care at our site We are popular for our services that we offer to educate people how to care their pets. It is very easy to understand about the common behavior of the pets with the help of our content because we give the tips and techniques to take care of the animals. Helping you for understanding their behavior, training and health we are incredible. The majority of the users can get benefit from our content.

What information we need from you and how we secure it?

There is no need to subscribe on our website and for this purpose we do not need your information. But, we need to collect your data when you are going to apply for registration. For availing our newsletter or responding to the survey form after filling up we need your information. We ask you to provide your phone number, mailing address, email address and name for this purpose. Information is required for raising your personal experience with the site because your response will help us to perform in the best way. For administrating the contest, improving our services and for best performance we need your comments. All your data is confidential and nothing is shared with anyone. These things are required to keep in the confidential record for the safety of the customers. Here we assure you that we apply protective measures for maintaining the safety of your personal data. No one can access that record on the website.


Using cookies is very important for the safety of the website and it provides the protection to the users as well. Small files that are transferred to your system by the website through the browser will help you to avail the services of the sites. In this way, system of the service providers will identify the browser through it. It is called cookies. It is the best way to secure the data and provides the protection to the users. Definitely, we use cookies for keeping the record of the aggregate data, advertisements, website traffic and much more.

Do we Disclose our information?

No, we never use our information to the third party. We do not trade or sell anything. We provide the information about the pets so we do not need to identify the third party and to share your data. Any changes can be done any time by the admin of the website in this privacy policy. We are forming the privacy policy for the betterment of our users. A minor or grand change can be done by the administration of the website for the benefits of the users. These changes will be posted on this page. We know our policy is your main consent. For any query you can contact us here. It can be revised for your comfort. We need only your convenience that is why we design this privacy policy.