Have Fun Naming Your New Cat!

Names for male cats:

After a brief survey, it has been determined that yes, names for male cats should be chosen wisely because the name does have an impact on the behavior of the cat. Yes, this is not only true for humans, but also for cats as well. In fact, by noticing some traits of your cat, it will be easier to name your cat. Have a look at some of the names for cats below and make sure you choose very wisely.

Great names for male cats:

names for male cats

One name that should be on your list is the name, Max. the origin of this name is from the Latin era and it means a large spring. Cats that have been named Max are generally quite happy. Not only are they fun loving but they also love to be groomed and petted. Cats named Max are considered to be trustworthy and some of them can also be quite independent.

The second name that you should keep in mind is Oliver. The name gets its origin from French and it means French army. Oliver is also considered as a sign of peace. Regardless, cats named Oliver, or Ollie is wonderful. They are eager animals and love to chew anything and everything present within their sight.

On your list of names of male cats, one name should also be Lucky. As the name suggests, the meaning of this name is to have a good luck. This is one of the more common names for a male cat and has been often used for those cats that have gone through a bad experience and then have been saved. Cats named Lucky are also happy, loyal and loving. You can also name your cat Lucky if it has proved to be a lucky charm for you.

The next name that you should be considering is shadow if you have a black cat. Cats named shadow are loyal and loving towards their owners, however, they can be shy while opening up to new people. For this reason, they generally don’t trust people and do not like visiting the vet. Some people think that cats named shadow are uptight as well.

Another great name for male cats is buddy. The name gets its origin from American English and means messenger man. This name is generally chosen by men and is chosen for such cats that are a mixed breed. Such cats are generally those that are strays that have been brought into houses or have been rescued from somewhere. Like all cats, these cats also adore their owners and are loyal to them.

The last, but not the least name that you should consider is Jasper. The origin of this name lies in Greece and means speckled or spotted stone. Cats that have been named Jasper are sly. They are also athletic and often have a spotted coat of hair.

There are many other such names that have wonderful meaning. It is important that you choose a good name!


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