My dog is pooping blood is a mystery that needs to be solved.

What could be the cause when my dog is pooping blood?

Blood with poop can be due to various intestinal problems. Dyschezia and Hematochezia are one of the diseases that causes trouble to the intestinal system. Both of these conditions usually cause irritation or inflammation in the rectum (anus). Just when you notice my dog is pooping blood then maybe it is because of these conditions or the further you will read. Both of these diseases causes bright red blood to come out with the poop. The symptoms to this include:

  • Hard feces
  • Draining of pus
  • Straining and inability
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Lumps around or on the anus
  • Mucosal diarrhea
  • Blocked anus

Other diseases why your dog might be pooping blood are the anal/rectal diseases, extra intestinal disease and colonic disease.


my dog is pooping bloodOnce you realize that my dog is pooping blood, you need to get to the solution instantly. But how do you diagnose it? Consulting a vet is probably the wisest option. The physical exam of your dog is important along with a dog blood chemical profile view as well. This blood test for dog will let you know about the blood count. Electrolyte panel and a urinalysis is to be conducted too. The vet will also conduct a few x-rays to inspect the abdominal area of the dog. This diagnosis will not only just detect why your dog is pooping blood but will also check out if anything else is wrong too. Even internal fractures will be detected.

Another way to the diagnosis is to take a tissue of the dog’s internal space and send it to the laboratory. Special instruments are used to check inside the body of the dog as well. Sometimes if the situation is severe tissue samples are taken for testing so that the biopsy can be done accurately.


my dogs is pooping bloodThe treatments of the dogs that are confronting blood in poop are first taken care. Their health is brought up to the level so that they can bear the treatment. They are given specific diet and are provided with support and care in order to make them able to survive the condition. Balloon dilation is used to relieve the intestinal canal and its structures. This method helps in widening the canal and with a balloon the blocked feces are released.

The space between the genital and the anus also gets infected which leads to bloody dog poop. For this surgeries are conducted. The vet might also recommend anti-inflammatory drugs, laxatives, anti-biotics and much more to disinfect the disease.

If you notice slight blood in your dog’s poop, don’t wait around to witness more. Get him straight to the doctor and get a thorough examine made. Any of the above mentioned symptoms are being faced by your dog then don’t ignore them either. Always consult the vet for confirmation.


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