Before being concerned as to why my cat has worms, you should know that cats tend to suffer a lot of different diseases and infections, which need to be taken care of as soon as you can as they have the ability to worsen up with time. If any of such disease or parasite worsens up, it could affect the cat such badly that the animal can be prone to die. The frequently faced infections or parasites cats tend to suffer are the intestinal parasites. More commonly, they are known as “worms.” These worms may develop in a cat due to several reasons and as they are developed these can cause several other symptoms. These worms in the body can lead to more other kinds of infections. It is hard to determine the birth of these infections most of the times even if they are a serious health issue for cats, then too in the rare case you get to find out about these infections. Above all, these worms in the cats do not only affect the health of the cat, but also the people around it. Such as the cat, owners should try to cover and protect themselves off well if their cats are suffering from such cat worms. The concern here can be that how do the cats get these worms. Usually, in most of the cases, they tend to get these worms by transmission. These are transferred worms. In addition, the mean of transmission can vary and differ in all cases. However, the case that has experienced most is that these infections are ingested in the cat’s body when the feces are infected by felines. If the mother cat develops these worms, there are higher chances that the kittens can get them too as these are contagious.


my cat has wormsThere are different kinds of infectious worms’ cats tend to experience. At first, there are the roundworms. Wondering over why my cat has worms needs one to know about the types of worms. These roundworms are the most common types of worms. These roundworms are such that they look like spaghetti. These worms are long and thick in adults and would measure about four to five inches long. Roundworms usually develop on the transmission by the mother cat while feeding milk to kittens. The adult cats acquire the roundworms if an adult cat ingests infected feces of an infected cat. Then there are the hookworms. These are the smaller worms like about an inch long or max two-inch long. These Hookworms feed on the animal’s blood. Because they feed on the cats blood, these are life threatening and cause many other dangerous diseases like anemia. These worms develop and reproduce fast and in numerous numbers. There are not much common in cats than they are in dogs. Lastly, there are the tapeworms. These tapeworms are so called because of their extra-long length. This measure to about 5-30 inches long. A cat that gets the tapeworms can start showing symptoms at very early stage. These symptoms start showing up with frequent vomiting and drastic weight loss. Also in later stages, as they start multiplying in the body this tape like creatures, start appearing on the skin of the cat.

Care should be taken to protect the cat from any of such harmful worms as these can result in serious health concerns.


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