Is pork bad for dogs? Here is your answer

It is questionable why is pork bad for dogs to eat and not only pork but pork bones as well. There are many foods that are not allowed to be fed to dogs under any circumstances. Contrary to general belief, no meat (red or white) is suitable to be fed to dogs. There are however, many exceptions that are due to the varying dog breeds and also because the metabolic rate (which defines digestion in all living things) is different in dogs than in humans or any other animals. In general it has been concluded that feeding pork to dogs is a big no! So if you have been wondering is pork bad for dogs, you might have your answer already but we will discuss it a little further to make things clearer

is pork bad for dog

Wondering is pork bad for dogs?

It is common to wonder is pork bad for dogs as it is such a favorite human food. With bacon strips and pork burgers a regular part of human meals, it is really not unusual to question why no pork for dogs? Well it has been said that pork is not good for dogs along with a toxic foods fordogs list. This might come up as a surprise to many people because since pork is a meat, it is generally believed that all types of meats can be fed to dogs. The reality however is a little opposite than expected. While pork is a human favorite food and is loved by adults and children alike in the western countries like Europe and United States, it is not at all suitable to be fed to dogs as pig meat can be very harmful to dog health.

is pork bad for dog

Pork is harmful for dogs

Pork has elements that are not known to be good for a dog health. Just like white and red meat, pork meat is also not suitable for a dog. While there are other foods like peanuts, chocolate and cheese that can be occasionally fed to dogs, it is advised not to feed dogs pork even occasionally. There are many cases that have reported for dogs eating ham and getting sick. This is because there is an element known as Trichinellosis in pork which can be fatal for dogs. It is known to cause serious health issues like pain, immobilization and worms in dogs.

Why feeding pork to your dog should be avoided?

As known already, pork has a parasite called the trichinosis that is known well for a dog’s health. It can lead to some serious health concerns and the symptoms are also hard to miss. Eating pork can lead a dog to vomit non-stop, diarrhea, swelling around the nose and eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, immobility, pain, fatigue and spread of toxins in the entire body. This is because pork is pig meat and pigs are infamous for being very dirty animals with a poor diet. It is therefore advised not to feed dogs pork, even occasionally or in combination with any other foods.


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