how to get rid of tapeworms in cat

Being are caring and responsible cat owner it is important to worry about the fact as how to get rid of tapeworms in cats. Before one, start with all the ways of treating tapeworms it is necessary to have a look into the kinds of worms. There are different types of worms a cat is likely to get affected by, and some of these can have a serious effect on the health of the cat. More importantly, these worms and the infections associated with them are contagious and can affect the humans health too. Therefore, it is very important that you get your cat vaccinated and keep it parasite-free. Firstly, there are these roundworms, which are round in appearance as the name justifies. They are small and round for like 2-3 inches long. These types of worms can cause serious illness in the form of diarrhea and excessive vomiting. If the cat is infected heavily, then you might notice the worms in the vomit or the stool passed by the cat. Thus making your cat look sick and drained out. Most cats get this infection by their mother’s through the feed they take. Then there are the other types of worms called the hookworms. These worms have a structure like that of the hook. These are the dangerous one as they feed and suck the blood of the host. Cats being affected by these worms tend to suffer the extreme case of anemia due to these blood-sucking worms. It can lead to such fatal anemia that the blood loss can cause death.

how to get rid of tapeworm in cat


Above all this, it is difficult to diagnose this type of infection, as it does not show symptoms at very early stage. Rather than worrying over as to how to get rid of tapeworms in cats. These types of worms are also likely to be transferred through the feed of mother’s milk. These worms enter the cat’s body, and they move through the lungs, where they feed up and swallowed. Lastly, the tapeworms are very small. These are half to quarter inches long and are usually white in color. These can be seen easily moving on cat’s skin. Doctors refer to these as the rice or sesame seed as they have the appearance similar to those. These tapeworms also have the tendency to grow. As they grow, they can grow up to 18-20 feet. These tapeworms live and feed on the small intestine, and they take up all the necessary food and nutrients from the small intestine. Here in the small intestine, it sticks to the walls and the lining of the intestine. As it sticks to the intestinal walls and sucks the blood out of them, here these tapeworms reproduce fast. They can produce thousands of eggs in forms of clusters and groups here in the intestine. As it produces eggs, it hatches and then become cysticercoids. Later the larvae that forms is then ingested with the eggs. Tapeworms are the deadliest worms that can infect cats, so it is necessary to have them treated as soon as possible. There are pills, which can kill the mature and the immature eggs in the intestine. There is no need to take a high dose, just one single pill taken orally with the consultation of vet cab help with the treatment and killing of the worms.


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