How Do You Say Dog In Spanish With Right Pronunciation

How Do You Say Dog In Spanish

Learn How Do You Say Dog In Spanish

In the Spanish language, the word “perro” is used for a dog. It is the singular noun, therefore, this word is used to refer one dog. For more than one dog you will have to use the word perros. This is same as in English due to which it should not be difficult to use right term for the right situation. So now you know what you call a dog is Spanish. It is not enough to know the name of any object in other languages. You should also be able to pronounce it correctly. To teach you the right pronunciation of the word perro we divided the word in two. The first portion of the word is “pEH“. It is important to note here that original world does not contain H but you will have to give the sound of H while saying this word. The second part is the “roh”. Here again, H is appearing which also reveal one aspect of the Spanish accent. So, the pronunciation of perro is pEH-roh. Now, native English speaker will be able to correctly speaking this word but non-native English speaker will find it hard because in the English language sometimes E must give the voice of A. It means if you are non-native English speakers then you should go with this pronunciation, pAH-roh.

How Do You Say Dog In Spanish Accent

How Do You Say Dog In Span

The accent of Spanish people is unique and it is very difficult to speak in their accent just it is difficult for them to speak in your accent. If you are wondering how do you say dog in Spanish accent then you must listen to their speech carefully to learn their accent. If you observe them, you will find out that they roll their tongue frequently while speaking. It is somewhat similar to the German accent but slightly clear. It is hard to understand the words in German accent but Spanish accent is slightly slow and relatively easy to understand. If you want perfection then you must find a Spanish friend or hire someone for a regular conversation. No one can teach you any accent; it depends on your personal skills and ability of observation. This language is slightly jerky therefore you will have to take extremely minor pauses while speaking. Spain is a big country with lots of different accents which makes it hard to decide which accent you must choose. The solution to this issue is to hear official speeches of their intellectuals as they speak in the best possible accent. All these points will let you call your Spanish dog without any trouble. If you have a dog that you have imported from Spain then this piece will help you a lot.


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