Why your dog smells like fish?

dog smell like fishEven when your dog scoots his back on the ground there is something behind it. Smelling like fish and scooting both leads to the same problem. There is no nice way to say this but the anal glans of your dog may be required to be emptied. Your dog smells like fish is not something pretty but this is how it is. You see your dog licking his lower region, scooting or smelling like fish then know he is facing some serious anal gland issues. These anal glands are supposed to secrete fluid and can get infected or blocked too. If these glands block then your dog faces serious pain. You can judge by your dogs’ actions as he might act angry or afraid.

When the smell occurs?

When the dog does not secrete fluid that causes strong fish like smell. Sometimes the glands may even leak at inappropriate times which is the time where the smell is the strongest. Usually, when the dog passes stool the glands also secrete naturally. But when the glands do not secrete, it can be painful for the dog. If you find your dog scooting, scratching its lower region or when your dog smells like fish then the time is near when you have to take it to the vet. You can even take your dog to a dog groomer as both the vet and the groomer are familiar with this and know how to treat it without making the dog uncomfortable.

Can the secretion be done at home?

dogs smell like fish

There is another way from which you don’t have to take your dog to the vet. This way is by doing the anal secretion of your dog at home. If you choose to take this path then you need to put on your gloves as things will be hard when you are doing it for the first time. You need to be calm, patient and very careful while doing this. To get started, locate the anal glans and gently massage in upward direction until the fluid is released. When you see the sack has released all the fluid then wipe it with a clean cloth and get your dog ready for a bath to make that fish smell go away.

Things to Consider

Whenever you see anything suspicious your dog is doing, don’t take it lightly. Any strange behavior, strange actions or strange stool, go to the vet directly. A vet can tell you better and provide you with a good solution. If you have experienced taking care of a dog for the first time then visiting the vet is recommended instead of doing something yourself at home. Make sure the dog produces firmer stools. The firmer the stool is, more chances occur of the sac to express on its own.


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