Tips and suggestions for naming your boy cat with a cute name

Tips for choosing cute boy cat names

Boy cats are adopted and loved by many cat persons. In fact, many cat persons prefer to adopt a male cat instead of a female cat. Once you have adopted a male cat you need to name him. You now own a unique boy cat and want to give him a cute name. First, you have to consider few important points before selecting a name from the list of cute boy cat names for this new addition to your family.

cute boy cat nameOnce you collected a bunch of cute boy cat names, try to choose a name that ends with the sound of “E” because cats are more responding towards such names. Remember that cats respond quickly to names that are shorter than the longer ones. Moreover, before finalizing a name, make sure it does not sound embarrassing when you call out that name. And, if you are tempted to select a long name, do think about if there is a possible nickname for it. It is a good idea if you select a name according to his color, breed, etc.

Now that you are familiar with the important tips before naming your cat it’s time to pick a name from the best male cat names. For this purpose let’s take a look at the cute male cat names list that we have prepared for you.

List of unique cute boy cat names with their meanings


Following is a list of some cute boy kitten names along with their meanings. You can choose your favorite names for both new born or adult cats.

Aslan: Naming your cat after a lion’s name is considered cute and classy.

Buddy: This name will give you a feeling of close companionship with your cat. Cute, isn’t it?

Casper: Casper is the name of a friendly ghost that is everyone’s favorite. This name is perfect for a white male cat.

Coco: Is your cat chocolate colored? Name him Coco.

Felix: Felix is a great name for a black and white cat. It is a Latin word for happy.

Figaro: Figaro was a black and white cat owned by Geppetto in Pinocchio.

Fluffy: You might want to name your fur ball “fluffy”.

Garfield: Garfield, a famous cartoon, is a perfect name for your kitty.

Milo: It is a name of a cat in the movie “Milo and Otis”.

Oliver: A name especially for cats with olive green eyes.

Oreo: Who isn’t familiar with Oreo cookies? Name your black and white cat Oreo.

Romeo: Name him Romeo if he comes every time you call him.

Sammy: Sammy means special.

Simba: What else name can you think of for naming your own lion king?

Shadow: Name your adopted cat “Shadow” if he follows you everywhere and is black in color.

Smokey: Smokey defines perfectly a grayish black cat with a spunky attitude.

Toby: It is short for Tobias which means precious.

Valentine: One of the most adorable names to call your cat a sweetheart.


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