What is so interesting about cats that stay small?

cat that stay small

Normally, cat owners had always shown interest in cats of normal sizes but now, they are more interested in keeping cats that stay small forever. Many cat owners adore kittens and wish that they remain this small for their whole life. There have been many experiments conducted to produce breeds of cats that stay small in size even when they fully grow up. Some of these experiments have resulted successfully in managing cats that stay kitten size.

You must have heard that good things come in small packages. Also, most of the people are attracted towards the tiny version of almost anything. Thus, breeds of cats that stay small take the most attention and are in high demand. Fortunately, there are some cat breeds available that stay small even in their adulthood.

Top 5 cats that stay small

If you are interested in adopting a cat that will not grow to a normal size and is expected to give a kitten like appearance, check out these five most adorable and highly demanded kittens that stay kittens forever.

SingapuraSingapura cat

Singapura is the world’s smallest breed of cat weighing less than 2 kilograms. For the sake of an idea, most cats of this breed are half the size of a normal cat. Climbing is their favorite activity and they are very active and love to play. These cats have big eyes and long ears with a fragile body.


Cornish Rex catCornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are known for their exceptional coat. Their fur is known as “down hair” (the undercoat of a normal cat is made up of such hair) and is wavy and incredibly soft. They are also active and like to play.  They resemble with Siamese cat both in appearance and in some traits. In appearance, they have similar face and ears while in traits they have similar talkativeness, intelligence and ability to make a strong bond with their owners.

Munchkin catMunchkin

The cutest thing about Munchkin cats is that they have short legs whereas in size they are a little smaller than normal cats. Thus, it’s mostly their legs that bring them in the category of small cats. The Munchkin cats are active and love to play. Their short legs don’t cause any kind of hindrance in having fun. They can jump but not as high as a normal cat does.


American CurlAmerican Curl

The size of these cats varies. Most of them are smaller in size. They are active and their curling ears gave this breed their name “American Curl”. These cats give a good companionship with their friendly nature and are always ready to play. They are overall healthy but some extra care is required for cleaning their ears.

Devon Rex

You can teach Devon Rex cats to do tricks similar to dogs because of their high intelligence. They resemble with the Cornish Rex as their coat is curly or wavy, means they are also soft. But they are not completely like Cornish Rex. They have bat-like ears and bodies small and slim.


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