you feed a dog cat food

People that are having cats and dogs often face this major difficulty or problem where they find it difficult to feed their cats and dogs with the right food. Although taming cats and dogs are similar in many cases there are some, very important differences which need to be carefully looked upon and understood in order to keep your dog safe and healthy. People usually question that is it possible that, can you feed a dog cat food. Cat food has different ingredients as compared to a dog food. Cats are from the category of carnivores and meat is the part of their main course or main diet. Talking about dogs on the other hand so they are more of omnivores. Dogs require a diet that has the higher element of fiber rather than consuming a total meat diet. It is not that dogs do not need meat; they do consume meat in a good amount, but less than that of the cats. That is one of the reasons that cat food is very appealing and tastes better than dog food. One main major advantage of having cat food is that it would last long. Even if you put out the cat food all day long outside it would still be able to serve the cats, however, the dog food is more of food, which is only to be served at the set meal times. One cannot put out the dog food for long and should be removed if not to be eaten by the dog. In addition, the consistency of protein is higher in cat food, which tends to attract the dogs more than the dog food. Cat food contains the complex vitamin B and the higher proportion of amino acids, which the dog food does not contain.


can you feed a dog cat foods

It is not applicable for the dogs to consume cat food. As there are differences in the consistency of different ingredients in both the cat and the dog food. Now the question arises as to can you feed a dog cat food so it is not healthy for a dog to eat cat food, as it will cause the dogs to suffer from digestive problems. It could upset the digestive system in dogs as there are higher levels of fat in the cat food, which is not good for the dogs. It could worsen up by the excessive vomiting and diarrhea. If you want to feed you dog with one or two spoons of cat food that would lead to no harm, but if it is given to dogs in higher quantity then it can result in fatal problems. There are some cat foods with lower levels of proteins those are still consumable by the dogs, but it would result in your dog gaining and put on a lot of weight. It could because your dog becoming overweight and this way your dog’s probably going to miss the important nutrients it needs which the cat food lacks. In addition, there can be some serious kidney problems as there would be a consumption of high levels of proteins, which the excretory system of the dog would be unable to remove. Now that the extra protein consumed would be turned into urea and leaves the body in the form of waste. This urea formation in high amounts can harm the dog’s body.


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