Everything that you need to know about worms that human get from dogs

People love pets. Animals such as cats and dogs are everybody’s favorite. Pet dogs are although a great companion in your good and bad times but did you know that there are many diseases that are transmitted by animals to humans. There are many people who wonder can humans get worms from dogs? The answer is unfortunate yes. Other than worms, of course, there are many other diseases you can get from dogs. Since people are not accustomed to diseases, they tend to delay treatment and the results are rather complicated.

Can humans get worms from dogs? Here is your answer

can humans get worms from dogs

This article is however focused on finding an answer to can humans get worms from dogs and if so, how serious can the resulting condition be. There are many diseases that can be transferred from dogs to humans and worms are most common out of them all. The most common types of worms that humans get are canine roundworms and canine hookworms. These worms are mostly present in the feces, urine and saliva of dogs, therefore, it is very important to maintain good health and hygiene of your pet dogs.

Types of worms

There are many types of infected worms that can be transmitted from dogs to human beings. These include

Symptoms of infected worms in humans

If you or your loved one becomes infected with worms, there are no definite signs or symptoms to look for. In fact, the symptoms vary from person to person and also depend on which part has the worms caused harm.

  • If the worms are in the eye region, it will cause blurred vision or even permanent long-term loss of eyesight.
  • The worms in the chest (lungs) will cause repeated and prolonged cough, asthma, and infection.
  • There are people who actually won’t show any signs at all.

Who is at a greater risk of getting worms?

Although adults can also get worms from dogs but it is most common in children. It is because children are more involved and in contact with the pet dogs. Moreover, since children have many unhygienic habits such as eating dirt and licking their pets, they are prone to getting worms from dogs.

How are prevention and treatment possible?

can humans get worm from dogs

Prevention and treatment for worms in humans are not difficult but is rather simple. There are many home remedies for worms in humans. You can also get in direct contact with your nearest doctor for immediate medical attention before the condition worsens. There are many prevention techniques which can also be adopted. You need to keep you dogs clean and tidy. A quick tip is to bathe them on the daily basis and keep them safe from pollution and dirt. If you dog is sick or if you catch any signs and symptoms of worms in dogs, you need to take him to the vet for a checkup as soon as possible.


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