Are You Worried About Getting Worms From Your Cat?

Can humans get worms from cats?

The answer to the question that can humans get worms from cats is yes. This is actually possible. There are three kinds of worms that can be transmitted and these are roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms. In the human body, these worms are responsible for a number of different deadly diseases such as those mentioned below.

Can humans get worms from cats

Can humans get worms from cat – how they get in the body:

Each worm has a number of different effects on the body but how are do all of these worms enter the human body in the first place? Eggs from the feline roundworms are transmitted to the human in the form of feces. If the feces stay out in the open for more than 14 days, they can start causing an infection in the human body. Moreover, if the egg is ingested, even by accident, the worm can travel to the different parts of the body like the brain, liver, eyes or the lungs. Of course, the human body does generate the immune response in order to fight these off but some damage is already done before the immune system responds to the worms.

Can humans get worms from cat

Identifying where the worms are:

Once we have established the answer to the question ‘can humans get worms from cats,’ the next step is to figure out where they are. If there has been a permanent vision loss, then this indicates that the worms have traveled towards the eyes. On the other hand, symptoms that are similar to those of asthma or a cough tell that the worms have gone to the lungs. In some cases, you might not be able to see any symptoms. However, children of small ages have more risk of getting an infection because of their attraction to their pets and because they often hesitate to wash hands.

About other worms:

One other worm that can make its way inside the human body is the hookworm. It is transmitted in the same way as the roundworm is; through the feces of the cats that have been infected by these worms. However, the hookworms become a hazard to the humans just after they have been out in the open for more than five days. This is because, in just five days, the worms can easily develop into either juvenile worms or larvae that can easily eat the skin of the human and get in the body. They move beneath the skin and they leave behind tracks that are itchy, swollen and red.

Similarly, the tapeworms can also be easily transferred to the human body. One of the most common tapeworms that are found in a cat is the flea; however, this kind of tapeworm is not transmitted easily because it needs to be swallowed to have an infection. However, children are more commonly victims of the tapeworm because of their habit of eating dirt. The symptoms of the infection by tapeworm include parts of the worms being passed out during excretion.


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