Can Dog Take Aspirin for Fever and Pain

The common question about dog’s fever and pain is Can dogs take Aspirin?  Yes, dogs can take Aspirin for fever and pain but you should keep in mind the correct dosage can be given to them, and you should be aware of the side effects of Aspirin given to them. When you notice that your dog is not well, it could be that he is in pain or suffering from fever. He could have any injury that is hurting him or he can have pitches due to his growing age. When it happens, you want to soothe your dog. It is better to guess the problem properly.

Correct Aspirin Dosage

Can Dog Take Aspirin

When you are worried about can dogs take Aspirin? Here is the correct amount of dosage you can give but visiting your veterinary doctor is very important. Your vet will confirm you if Aspirin is the right medication you can give to your dog and the right dosage also. As per a research Aspirin can not be given to puppies because their system cannot accept it, however, it can be given to adult dog but in a proper dosage. Only 5 to 10mg per pound can be given to a dog after every 12 hours. Your vet will recommend you how you have to cut the tablet to reach the proper amount of Aspirin.

Side Effects of Aspirin

After getting the answer to the question can dog take Aspirin? The next question is what are its possible side effects? As you know aspirin is easily available in the market and it is very effective, it reduces his pain or fever. If the dosage is given for a long time, it can create ulcer in his stomach. Symptoms can be seen if his stool has blood in it. Aspirin makes blood thin, and it can lead to excessive bleeding if the dog is injured. Aspirin is not recommended for pregnant dogs. Aspirin is not given to dogs who are suffering from kidney problem. In healthy dogs, you have to keep an eye on their increase and decrease in thirst. Continuous vomit is also a sign of kidney problem.

Tips For Giving Aspirin

After proving the question, can dogs take Aspirin? Here are some tips to give it to your dog. Always use the tips you vet has recommended you. Place the tablet on the back of his tongue and give a pat so that he can swallow it properly. You can also give tablet inside his food. Place the tablet in a bread loaf and feed your dog with it. You, god, will easily swallow it.

Some times drugs interact so Aspirin should not be given to a dog who is taking some other medicines also. Inform your vet about every medicine you are giving to your pet. He will suggest any other medication to reduce his pain and fever. If your dog has behavioral changes, he is eating less or has redness on his skin, stop the medicine and revert to your vet. Your proper care will ensure your dog’s good health.


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