Why To Use Baby Aspirin For Dogs

baby aspirin for dogAspirin is the pain killer which can help you to get rid of pain quickly but it does not mean that you can give it to your pets like dogs to relieve their pain. Actually, bodies of animals respond differently to some chemicals which are used to make medicines. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid which thins the blood and avoids blood clotting but its continuous usage can aggravate the existing blood clots in the body. This medicine can also affect the joint of dogs but if the optimum quantity of this medicine is used then it can help your dog to get out of pain. Dogs are a very active animal; they keep on doing different physical activities which can lead them to have injuries. Some injuries may not cause bleeding but they can damage their muscles and bones. Aspirin is the best solution to instantly cure this type of injuries because you don’t want your pet to suffer for a long period of time.

How to Use Baby Aspirin For Dogs

baby aspirin for dog/You can add aspirin in the dog food but if your dog is not eating anything then you can go with the injection but the main issue is not the way of giving the medicine but the quantity of medicine. The optimum quantity of baby aspirin for dogs is 5mg per pound but if the pain is severe then you can go with 10mg per pound but don’t increase the dosage beyond this limit. It means if your dog is of 40 pounds then you can give maximum 400mg of aspirin to your dog but it is recommended to use the mean of minimum and maximum allowed dosage. It means 300mg is enough for a dog of 40 pounds. There are some conditions and dogs in which you should avoid the usage of aspirin. Some of these conditions include

All these tips can help you to use this medicine in a very effective way. It is recommended to consult your doctor first before giving any medicine to your pet. Since animals can’t speak therefore it is important for you to understand their gesture and


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